for the love of cake

Here at Serendipity Sweets, the smile and happiness desserts bring are the focus. Because of this, I love input from clients and want to work with you to create exactly what you envision for your celebration. With a BA in Fine Arts from UC Berkeley (and a focus in sculpture), I see cakes and cupcakes as a place for artistic expression that naturally brings joy. 

Tailor-made Cakes

Every cake from Serendipity Sweets tells a story. From the home brewed espresso or creamy caramel that go into my cake mixes to the delicately striped pastry bags that pipe out beautiful, coordinated meringue kisses, each cake is hand made to reflect my clients vision and taste. 

Rich in Flavor

No matter what you're craving, we've got a flavor for you. Every caramel buttercream is made from scratch; making a rich, delicious caramel and then whipping it into frosting with fluffy powdered sugar. With the 'Decadent' cupcake (pictured above), each chocolate espresso cupcake is covered with a dollop of caramel frosting, dipped in dark chocolate ganache, coated in toffee crunch, then topped with another swirl of caramel buttercream!


No Detail too Small

From custom geometric chocolate shards to hand piped delicate floral embellishments, the beauty in the details sets our celebration cakes and cupcakes apart. Every 'piping' detail uses a pastry bag and a specialized tip depending on the design. I then use different amounts of pressure and motion to control how each flower or swirl is created.