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Gourmet and Deluxe Cakes $105+

Our Deluxe Celebration Cakes are decorated to your specification. These gourmet cakes include chocolate shards, frosting, ganache, and are also completely customizable. Custom floral arrangements are an additional $15. Extravagantly beautiful, our 6'' cakes are the perfect addition to your special occasion and serve 12-20 people and start at $105. 8.5'' rounds start at $160 and serve 25-35 people. Cake Delivery is highly recommended and is $10.


Custom Carved Couture Cake $125+

Introducing our new carved cake series! These cakes are intricately layered with frosting according to your specifications and color schemes, then the topmost layer is delicately carved away to reveal the beautiful tones underneath. I hand carve each cake myself--forming organic patterns that show the fluid beauty of an artists hand. 

Classic Mini Cupcakes $20

Our hand piped basic mini cupcake comes with your choice of base flavor and frosting. Price per dozen. 

Deluxe Cupcakes $30

Our deluxe cupcake includes a base flavor with frosting and one topping or filling. Price per dozen.


Gourmet Cupcakes $35

Our gourmet cupcakes are as extravagant as they come. They include base flavor, frosting, and filling or multiple toppings. Price per dozen.